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Spanish is spoken by between 322 and 400 million in 23 countries people natively, besides 500 million non-native speakers. In the Western world Spanish is the language most spoken as mother tongue. Therefore the communication with Spanish speaking patients and colleagues is nowadays more important then ever. That´s why Medical Spanish Academy has developed a special Medical Spanish Course.

Our main focus is to enable our Medical Spanish students to use medical terminology in a short time so that they can communicate with their patients and colleagues. To guarantee a successful learning experience in Costa Rica, the Medical Spanish Academy offers a warm and friendly learning atmosphere with small study groups. All our teachers are enthusiastic, qualified and experienced. The small Medical Spanish classes of 2-4 students enable the teacher to cater to your individual need and give you lots of opportunity to participate and practice.

We will not only teach you technical terminology like anatomy, physiology, and specific health vocabulary but also give you the opportunity to experience the Latin American culture and learn more about the country and the people.

Our course includes topics such as hispanics and their health, anatomic and physiologic vocabulary, conversations for administrative personnel, conversations for health professionals, medical therapy, laboratory tests, and patient instructions, and much more. In our Medical Spanish course you will review and practice the Spanish grammar with special exercises from our work book in the mornings followed by an afternoon class concentrating on Medical Spanish.

In addition we offer many volunteer opportunities in local clinics and hospitals where you can practice what you have learned in the classroom. Here you will learn all the appropriate terminology needed to practice medicine. This is the most comprehensive program of its kind.

The Medical Spanish Academy is waiting for you!

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